Rules & Info

  1. The WBHFC is to be fished between the hours of 1200hrs on the Friday and 1430hrs on the Sunday of the weekend that the classic is set to be held only.
  2. Fish categories – Adult category divisions: Whiting, Bream, Flathead, Dart, Grunter, Cod, Mangrove Jack, Barramundi, Snapper, Mackerel, Cobia, Parrot, Sweetlip, Coral Trout, Red Emperor.
  3. Fish categories – Junior category divisions: Whiting, Bream, Flathead, Dart, Grunter, Cod, Mangrove Jack, Mackerel, Sweetlip.
  4. Fish categories – Open category divisions: Mud Crab, Secret weights, Biggest overall fish.
  5. Fishing Categories - Overall Winners: Best Junior Angler, Best Senior Angler
  6. Fish categories – Excluded Species: Barracuda (All Types), Long Tom, Sucker Fish, Grinners, Paddies, Trigger Fish, Pig Fish, Happy Moments, Yellow Tails [Bloaters], Herring (All Types), Rainbows, Surgeon Fish.
  7. Weigh-In Official – A Weigh in Master Will Be Appointed by the WBHFC Whom Will Resolve any dispute matters in relation to the weigh-ins. 
  8. Fish may be iced down, but not frozen, any fish deemed, in the opinion of the judges, to be more than 24 hours since being caught or have been frozen will be ineligible to be weighed in - Judges decision will be final, and no discussion will be entered.
  9. Only fish weighed in on the official scales provided by the Organizers and accompanied by competitor’s registration card will be eligible.
  10. Fish presented to the scales must be taken on rod and reel or handline (i.e., NO NETS or SPEARED fish).
  11. All fish eligible for weigh-in must be in weigh-in area by weigh-in times of 1400-1700hrs on the Saturday and 1100- 1400hrs on the Sunday of the Classic
  12. Any fish presented after these times will not be accepted.
  13. Only 2 fish per species per angler per weigh-in session will be accepted and only the heaviest weight will be eligible for that category.
  14. Mystery weights on all fish will only be revealed during the presentations of each day’s weigh-in. Weights will be selected at random from the Woodgate Beach fishing club committee.
  15. All Fish are required to be gutted and gilled for weigh-in. If fish are required to be Gutted & Gilled, A donation can be made towards the Woodgate Beach Fishing Club to assist with doing so. All frames, Fillets, waste shall be removed from the precinct premises by the owning angler.
  16. (a) No fish are to be Gutted or Gilled/Processed in or near the comp precinct by competitors.
  17. Competing anglers shall observe current QLD Fisheries regulations governing fish sizes and bag limits.
  18. All boats used in the Classic must comply with current Queensland’s boating regulations.
  19. Any competing angler not meeting any or all current rules and regulations will be deemed ineligible for any prize.
  20. There will be a prize for the heaviest fish of each category and in the event of a tie the first fish weighed will be deemed the winner.
  21. All prizes won at the Classic are given in good faith and are subject to manufacturers or suppliers conditions and Woodgate Beach Hotel and/or officials cannot be held liable.
  22. No junior can win an adult prize and no adult can win a junior prize with the exception that juniors and seniors may compete for the same prize in the Open Categories.
  23. No one angler shall take out first prize and or second prize in any one category.
  24. Entrants MUST be present to win any lucky draw and produce their comp wristband to establish identity. A redraw will be held if winner does not claim a lucky draw prize within one (2) minutes. The winners of the major lucky draws will also require their comp wrist bands as proof of identity. Remember; you must be present to win the lucky draws and no Proxy can claim a prize on your behalf. A redraw will be held if winner does not claim a top prize within one (2) minutes.
  25. The officials have the right to exclude anyone whom they think need be, without giving reason.
  26. Any action, incident or situation not covered by the rules shall be determined by hotel management if or when those conditions arise. The Hotel management decision is final, and no discussion will be entered.
  27. The interpretation and implementation of these rules and regulations shall remain the province of Woodgate Beach Hotel fishing Classic and its designated officials.
  28. Sponsors who have entered the Fishing Classic via nomination are eligible for all prizes.
  29. Organizers or Sponsors accept no liability for any injury, damage of any person during excursion whether such an injury is due to any act, neglect, or default of any official or agent.
  30. All competitors fully understand that in participating they do so entirely at their own risk.
  31. Woodgate Beach Hotel will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury, or death or other claims sustained in conjunction to or prior to, or during or after the event howsoever caused.
  32. Upon entering the WBHFC event precinct, you understand and agree to the with the following:

    • You authorize for the WBHFC Management Committee to use any audio/visual imagery taken of yourself via photography, video content, drone footage and audio recordings for purposes of material produced for education, promotion, marketing, or advertising for (including but not limited to) print, media releases, radio, TV, website, social media, graphics, editorials, banners, stickers, shirts, Corflutes and/or street signs. Also, unless otherwise stated, there will be no restrictions on the geographical distribution of the material produced.
    • During the WBHFC event, The Hotel is a licensed venue and alcohol will be available for purchase and consumption within the precinct, however no alcohol or glass bottles are permitted to be brought into the venue during the event;
    • The WBHFC Precinct location is classed as a Non-Smoking area. Designated areas area provided and marked for smokers.
    • The WBHFC accepts no liability for any property left at the event venue location. During the event, if chairs remain within the venue, they may be relocated within event venue and WBHFC accepts no responsibility. All property (including chairs) that remain in the precinct after the final day of the event closure on Sunday will be disposed of or donated to charity.