Places to fish

Fishing Woodgate & Surrounds 

Welcome to our playground… We are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to fishing around the Woodgate region and greater areas that are all just a stone throws away. Let us take you to the best spots on offer to ensure we can get you onto the fish when you plan to make your next visit.

Theodolite Creek

There is plenty to do from fishing, jet ski, kayaking, paddle boards, swimming, and scenic bush walks which pop you out on the ocean side of Woodgate beach. With beach access for 4WD’s and a boat ramp facility, This little slice of paradise of the one stop place for the entire family to enjoy. Theodolite Creek is also the entrance to some fantastic Estuary fishing waters (Both Land & Boat based) which have landed some quality results in previous years of fishing comps. From Mangrove Jack to whopping Barramundi, Ripper Grunter and Flathead which has also been caught. Not to mention the Mud Crabs that can be located up the many little side creeks throughout the estuary system. Not only does Theodolite offer this amazing estuary system, It also boast as the gateway to some of the best reefs in South east Queensland with a tidal passage allowing access out to the open water and further more to the Bunker group reef systems located off the township of 1770.

These reefs are renown for the quality of fish and more so for the quality of your BIG RED fish with some absolute crackers being weighed in for the 2021 WBHFC competition. 

Walkers Point Boat Ramp

If you thought that Theodolite Creek had plenty to offer, Walkers Point is sure to get you excited for a bigger adventure!! With Walkers Point boat ramp being accessible any time of the day and/or tide, It hosts a gateway to the Gregory, Burrum and Isis river systems providing ample fishing opportunities to help you land the big one!! With a concrete ramp and ease of access, Walkers point caters for all size boats and allows those larger vessels to launch and retrieve to assist in getting out to the wider reefs and bluer water. 


Reef Fishing

Woodgate beach is situated in a central location between some fantastic reef systems being the norther gutters located on the northern side of Fraser island and the Bunker group reefs located of the coast of 1770. These places and everywhere in between off amazing fishing experiences which also help to secure those tasty prize-winning fish!! Species that you may find within these areas range from Trout to Snapper, Sweetlip to Fingermark, Blue Parrot to Tusk Fish along with a variety of Mixed pelagic species (Mackerel, Tuna & Trevally). There is no doubt that we are absolutely spoilt for choice when is comes to fishing within our region, and it is sure becoming and harder secret to keep!

Offshore Reefs

The wider reefs and offshore fishing are becoming increasingly more popular on the Fraser Coast & Burnet Regions, with advancements in technology allowing smaller vessels the opportunity to reach these once relatively untapped areas. There are numerous options within the more sheltered water of Platypus Bay that offers artificial reefs, coffee rock, rubble patches and natural sink holes. The wider reef systems such as the 25 Fathom Hole, Gutters system (16-mile, 18-mile, Southern, Northern & African) to Breaksea Spit and beyond creates endless opportunities and the species on offer is limitless. Whether bait or lure fishing in less than 20 meters of water to deep dropping with electric reels in depths exceeding 400 meters, there is something for every angler with a variety of options to explore. Species you may encounter range from, Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Grass Sweetlip, Red Throat Emperor, Spangled Emperor, Cod, Maori Cod (Brown & Blue), Wrasse, Tusk Fish, Mangrove Jack, Moses Perch, Hussar, Spanish Flag, Snapper, Gold Banned Snapper, Bar Cod, Flame Tail Snapper, Pearl Perch, Job Fish (Green, Rosie, Iron jaw), Trag Jew, Mixed Pelagic (Mackerel, tuna & trevally species) & Nannygai.


Game Fishing - Break Sea & Beyond

The Eastern side of Fraser Island or Break Sea as it is commonly referred to is a game fisherman’s haven. This place has the potential to produce some of the best game fishing you will experience Australia wide. The light tackle billfish fishery has gone viral with incredible numbers of fish migrating through our waters each season. Trolling the shallower grounds merely a casting distance off the bar for juvenile black marlin, sailfish and the potential list of pelagic bi-catch is quite unique. In recent years the heavy tackle fishery can only be described as ‘Mental Fishing’ with the potential to cross paths with three species of marlin (striped, blue and black) in large quantities on the one day. With such great numbers of fish being caught it is drawing anglers with experienced crews both nationally and internationally to try their luck at a giant.

Aside from trolling there are opportunities for the top water enthusiasts to try their luck casting large stick baits and poppers over shallow reef systems in search of the gangsters of the ocean, the mighty GT. Some enormous fish haunt these waters and have destroyed gear and tested some of the most experience anglers. The deep-water jigging options are endless with numerous reefs and sunken wrecks scattered throughout the shallower country to the continental shelf, a mere 13km’s from the 2mile crossing. If you are a sucker for pain, then knife jigging the shelf is for you Species you may encounter range from, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Stripe Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Spanish Mackerel, Amberjack, King Fish & Job Fish (Green & Rosy).

For the very best Expert Advice, Pop into Fisho's Tackle World Hervey Bay and see Dane and the team to ensure you have all the latest gear and the best knowledge for when you hit the water.


We hope you find the fish in September, We'll See You At The Gate!